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Circulating Tumor Cell Testing Services

SRI Biosciences’ Center for Cancer and Metabolism offers its FASTcell™ Circulating Tumor Cell (CTC) technology as testing service to investigators for the detection and characterization of rare CTCs from whole blood samples. Investigators can request either validated testing or custom CTC assay development for a wide range of tumor-specific biomarkers.

The high sensitivity and specificity of FASTcell™ CTC technology offers cancer researchers and clinicians a vital analytical testing service. The technology can accurately characterize CTCs from a number of cancers (including breast, lung, prostate, colorectal, and leukemia) by using a wide array of cancer-specific biomarkers. It has the potential to detect more CTC types than other currently available technologies.

FASTcell CTC technology’s strength is its exquisite sensitivity and ability to detect and enumerate CTCs from a broad spectrum of tumor types. Since it enables the simultaneous detection of various tumor-specific biomarkers in a multiplexed fashion, it can address the very real problem of tumor heterogeneity. SRI envisions that being able to characterize the CTCs of any cancer type will be very useful for clinical research and beyond.

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Clinical Research Examples

The powerful characterization by FASTcell™ CTC technology has been successfully used in a number of collaborative efforts including, in part, with City of Hope Cancer Center, to evaluate breast cancer heterogeneity relative to primary tumor biopsies, and with Stanford University School of Medicine, to examine biomarkers on CTCs for the evaluation of platinum-based therapy in non-small cell lung cancer.

Partnering for Success

For government and industry clients needing direct access to a renowned team of cancer researchers working in world-class laboratories, SRI Biosciences’ Center for Cancer and Metabolism delivers. Our experts are uniquely positioned to discover and develop novel approaches to cancer treatment by integrating basic research with industry-honed disciplines.

SRI’s Center for Cancer and Metabolism is your partner for strategic direction, intellectual input, and a complete, value-added approach to research.


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