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Research and Development Programs

Research at the cutting edge of science and technology requires a special blend of organizational design, human resource management, and institutional strategy. Capitalizing on decades of research experience, SRI offers a comprehensive set of tools and capabilities to build, manage, and evaluate R&D programs. SRI's Center for Science, Technology, and Economic Development:

  • Guides clients through the process of creating research organizations

  • Provides training to help researchers make the transition from the lab bench to management

  • Offers specialized analyses of program management and performance evaluations.

For world-class results, SRI also helps research sponsors understand and apply their R&D resources more effectively.


Pearson Research Quality Review

SRI Education provides an independent review of Pearson’s reports and efficacy statements regarding learner outcomes.

Evaluation of Long Beach Skills for Success Program

SRI is the evaluation partner for a program that is advancing knowledge in developing non-cognitive skills in middle schools to increase student success.

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A Unified Research Agenda for 6-12 Online Learning Environments to Improve STEM Outcomes for Students with LD and Students with ASD

This capacity building project will contribute to foundational knowledge about what is already known, and what needs to be studied, about K-12 online STEM education for students with learning disabilities and those with autism spectrum disorder.

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Bridging Professional Development

SRI uses innovative methods to “bridge the gap” between professional development and classroom practice—and make a measurable difference on student learning.