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Sleep Research

Healthy sleep is vital to an individual's well-being, productivity, and long-term health. SRI Biosciences conducts clinical and basic research studies about sleep and sleep disorders to better understand the role of sleep in health as well as causes and consequences of sleep disruption at the molecular, neurological, and behavioral levels. This research can lead to better understanding of sleep functions as well as treatments for insomnia, jet lag, age-related sleep disturbances, fatigue, and narcolepsy.

Human Sleep Studies

The Human Sleep Research Lab conducts basic and translational research on sleep both in and outside the laboratory environment. Our work includes National Institutes of Health (NIH)-sponsored studies about sleep and brain development in adolescents and sleep and cardiovascular functioning in adolescents with insomnia. We also specialize in studies about sleep issues in women and relationships between alcohol, sleep, and cardiovascular functioning. We use a broad range of innovative techniques, including electroencephalography (EEG), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), and beat-to-beat blood pressure monitoring and apply sophisticated signal processing methods to analyze physiological data. These data are frequently combined with clinical and behavioral neuropsychological data.

We also conduct validation and product development studies for commercial clients, particularly in the wearable technology space.

Better Sleep Treatments

We also conduct research on sleep and sleep disorders, using methodologies such as molecular biology, electrophysiology, microdialysis, and behavioral testing. Our work includes National Institutes of Health-sponsored studies on the neurobiology of sleep and wakefulness and treatments for narcolepsy.

We validate novel therapeutic targets and conducts in vitro and in vivo efficacy and safety assessments. Our translational research focus has provided critical proof-of-concept studies to support FDA Investigational New Drug (IND) files for several central nervous system indications. For medical device developers, we also conduct FDA 510(k) trials.

SRI researchers discovered hypocretin/orexin (H/Hcrt), a neuropeptide system that stimulates arousal and is involved in sleep regulation. Using differential gene expression approaches, SRI is studying the relationship between the H/O system and sleep disorders. SRI announced a promising new treatment for narcolepsy in 2014.


RLS Sleep Study

New study looking for participants with Restless legs syndrome.

Alcohol, Sleep and Health

Volunteers wanted for study on alcohol’s effects

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Treatments for Narcolepsy

SRI sleep researchers are working to discover and develop new treatments for narcoleptic patients.

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Neurobiology of Sleep and Wakefulness

SRI takes an integrated approach to understand the systems that control sleep and wakefulness.