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Software Engineering

SRI's Center for Software Engineering provides a full range of software engineering services in support of client-sponsored R&D and commercialization programs across SRI. The Center's broad-based software product development experience can solve the problems of clients who may lack the expertise, staff, or time to develop prototypes into commercial products.

Software engineering program services include

  • High-quality software development

  • Systems integration

  • Online training platform design

  • Software defect or enhancement request tracking and management

  • Quality assurance and testing plans

  • Multiplatform software installations and software release builds

  • Web-based, email-based, and telephonic customer support

  • State-of-the-art version control systems and tools in support of SRI and client software code repositories

  • Onsite user training

To meet SRI’s client needs, the Center continuously improves its dedicated software development methodologies and deployment infrastructure. Continuing to develop, and adhere to, disciplined, well-defined, productive software engineering practices supports our goal of producing high-quality software.


Internet of Things (IoT) Security and Privacy Center

The Center conducts research and development aimed at providing IoT developers, integrators, and users with effective tools and methods for building and managing secure, privacy-preserving and maintainable IoT systems.

TRACE: Preventing Advanced Persistent Threat Cyberattacks

TRACE: Preventing Advanced Persistent Threat Cyberattacks

SRI is developing an advanced system that would quickly help detect APTs and other increasingly sophisticated attacks.

Binary Fission logo

Binary Fission: Crowd-Sourced Software Verification Program

By playing a game, citizen scientists can help increase reliability of mission-critical software systems.

Semantically Enabled Automated Assessment in Virtual Environments

The SAVE framework supports training in virtual environments through automated assessment of learner performance and tools for content authoring.