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High-Throughput Screening Core Facility

Strategically located in the San Francisco Bay biotechnology region, SRI's high-throughput Screening Core Facility specializes in in vitro assay development and automation for high-throughput screening (HTS), HTS campaigns, and lead optimization for drug discovery. The facility's Small Molecule Library contains diverse compound libraries purchased from major suppliers to the pharmaceutical industry, as well as SRI proprietary compounds.

A valuable resource in SRI Biosciences, the facility has access to its expert team of drug discovery investigators in disease areas of cancer, neuroscience, metabolic diseases, inflammatory and infectious diseases. This collaborative approach ensures that our technologies, instrumentation, resources, and expertise are utilized most effectively to address clients’ discovery needs.


  • Assay probe design and development
  • Assay scale-up and automation
  • Cell-Based Assays:
    • Membrane proteins: GPCR, Ion Channels, and Transporters
    • Reporter assays
    • Cell cycle analysis
    • Cell proliferation
    • Apoptosis
    • Autophagy
  • Enzyme and Binding Assays
    • Radioligand binding
    • Fluorescence
    • UV absorption
    • Förster resonance energy transfer (FRET)
    • Fluorescent Polarization (FP)
    • Luminex
  • Complex assays involving
    • High-content imaging
    • Multi-doses / IC50 screening
    • Screening of as many as 20 cell lines at a time
    • Drug combination screening
    • ‘High-fidelity’ multiplexed assays


The facility performs both HTS (384-well) and mid-throughput screening (MTS) (96-well) assays. The facility offers state-of-the-art instrumentation for cell culturing, compound handling, and plate reading, including:

  • Plate readers for ultra-sensitive luminescence, absorbance, fluorescence intensity, fluorescence polarization, AlphaScreen and time-resolved fluorescence:
    • Arrayscan (Thermofisher)
    • Analyst HT 96-384 (LJL Biosystems, Molecular Devices)
    • Envision (Perkin Elmer) with the high-precision dispenser unit and temperature control
    • FLIPR® with both 96- and 384-well pipette heads (Molecular Devices)
    • Flexstation3 (molecular devices) with both 96- and 384-well pipette heads
    • Synergy2/Gen5 (Biotek)
  • Automated liquid handling and compound plating systems:
    • Janus workstation (Perkin Elmer) for individual well selection and serial dilutions
    • Matrix Wellmate with stackers (Thermofisher) – Performs bulk dispensing of reagents or cell suspensions into 96 or 384 well plates
    • Matrix Platemate (Thermofisher) — Performs high-precision pipetting and plate stamping
    • Star (Hamilton) for multi-step HTS campaigns
  • Support Instruments
    • ASM compound storage system with Starlet robotics (Hamilton)
    • Avanti J-26XP (Beckman) for plate centrifuge
    • Barcode printer and readers