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Systems Architecture and Engineering

For secure and dependable computing systems, SRI offers state-of-the-art systems engineering technology services.

SRI innovations address the toughest consumer, military, industrial, and medical product development problems. From incremental improvements to the creation of a breakthrough new product, SRI offers clients a significant marketplace advantage.


Internet of Things (IoT) Security and Privacy Center

The Center conducts research and development aimed at providing IoT developers, integrators, and users with effective tools and methods for building and managing secure, privacy-preserving and maintainable IoT systems.

CTSRD computer system components

CRASH-Worthy, Trustworthy Systems R&D

SRI and the University of Cambridge are designing, prototyping, and analyzing trustworthy computer systems that can be gradually adopted with high reliability, resilience, and assurance, effectively letting system and application developers ‘wipe the slate clean' in incremental steps.

Two SRI researchers work on a RAX CubeSat

Radio Aurora Explorer (RAX) CubeSat

Disruptions in Earth's ionosphere from solar activity can cause communications blackouts, negatively affecting GPS and radio signals. SRI’s revolutionary small satellites offer a novel way to monitor such conditions.