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Training Systems

Improving work and life skills is crucial for success on the job. For military, government, and commercial clients, SRI has developed a variety of training systems and programs, including:

  • Instrumented training programs: SRI's FlexTrain™ system is at the center of the National Guard's eXportable Combat Training Center (XCTC) program and other client programs.

  • Interactive, intelligent training systems: SRI has developed a comprehensive suite of technologies that enable warfighters to conduct computer-aided, cognitive training. Trainees can interact with intelligent avatars in mixed and augmented reality environments. These computer-aided training visualization tools can increase the efficiency and effectiveness of mission rehearsal with capabilities that include real-time, automated behavior analysis and performance evaluation metrics for after-action reviews (AAR). Augmented reality capabilities can also be used for vocational training.

  • National Training and Education Resource: For the Department of Energy, SRI is engaged in training systems design and has developed an open-source, online learning management system that features interactive, self-paced multimedia modules.


Microlessons to Build Readiness in the Cybersecurity Workforce

Fostering cybersecurity learning by offering concise “microlesson” content on smartphones.

Semantically Enabled Automated Assessment in Virtual Environments

The SAVE framework supports training in virtual environments through automated assessment of learner performance and tools for content authoring.

two men fine-tuning mixed-reality cameras and helmet sensors

Automated Performance Evaluation and Lessons Learned

SRI’s mixed reality training system provides comprehensive mission rehearsal tools to improve warfighter training.

screenshot of 3D virtual environment

National Training and Education Resource

SRI is developing the next generation of online learning tools to meet the needs of a changing workforce.