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Unmanned Robotics Perception

Situational awareness, visual navigation, and safe operations are critical necessities for the autonomous maneuvering of unmanned ground vehicles and robots. SRI offers real-time computer vision systems that perform unmanned robotics perception, and help keep operators out of harm’s way.

Unmanned Robotics Perception for the Military

Unmanned robotics perception is poised to bring a new level of safety to the battlefield. Our visual navigation technology provides autonomous ground vehicles with accurate navigation, following, and retro-traverse capabilities.

SRI offers road awareness technologies for obstacle detection and classification, which enable an unmanned ground vehicle to safely navigate various terrains in dynamic and cluttered environments. Our real-time computer vision systems allow an autonomous ground vehicle to complete dangerous tasks while maintaining awareness of its location and the objects or people surrounding it.

Autonomous Ground Vehicles and Intelligent Transportation Systems

The versatility of SRI’s technology allows an unmanned robotics vehicle to sense, map, plan and move in 3D spaces—navigating pathways, understanding environments through detection of threats, and mapping of uncharted areas. They can also geo-locate targets or detect and find people. In the commercial sector, unmanned robotic devices and vehicles assist first responders in emergency situations—exploring potentially hazardous areas without endangering human life.


green boxes highlighting people walking on street

Pedestrian Detection from Moving Unmanned Ground Vehicles

SRI’s vision-based systems enable safe operations of moving unmanned ground vehicles around stationary and moving people in urban or cluttered environments.

illustration of a security camera with watching eyes

Visual Intelligence Grounded in Learning (VIGIL)

SRI’s visual intelligence system could enable a new era in unmanned robotic surveillance.

the ARM-H robotic hand

Autonomous Robotic Manipulation- Hand (ARM-H)

SRI and partners are developing highly dexterous low-cost robotic hands for military applications and other real-world uses.