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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Advance your frontiers with one of the world’s leading AI research centers.

Smart machines—those that can learn and make decisions autonomously—have become a reality. Our renowned Artificial Intelligence Center develops computer-based systems that exhibit intelligent behavior in complex situations to solve problems, communicate with people, and perceive and interact with the physical world. Collaborate with SRI and you’ll work with some of the world’s leading researchers in artificial intelligence and machine learning. Our multidisciplinary teams carry out comprehensive R&D programs that focus on the computational principles underlying intelligence in man and machines, then develop methods for bringing them to life. Our researchers collaborate across disciplines including:

  • Robotics
  • Sensors
  • Signal processing
  • Systems architecture and engineering
  • Expert and knowledge-based systems
  • Discourse and communication
  • Multisource information integration
  • Automatic theorem proving and program synthesis
  • Autonomous robots

Featured AI and Machine Learning Solutions

We offer numerous technologies for license in most major areas of AI, including knowledge representation and automated reasoning, machine learning and analytics, multi-agent systems, robotics and image understanding. Following is just a small sample of how companies have licensed SRI’s AI and machine learning technologies. Contact us through the form below to learn about strategic licensing opportunities.


Structured Evidential Augmentation System™ (SEAS)

The SEAS software tool uses best practices to guide analysts in collaboratively reasoning from evidence about potential threats and opportunities.


CamSLAM: Advanced Real-Time Mapping and Localization

The CamSLAM™ software platform offers superior navigation, mapping, and safety for a range of robotic and related mobility applications including augmented and virtual reality, person tracking, robot/ drone control, vehicle navigation, and tele-manipulation.


Pathway Tools

Researchers use comprehensive symbolic systems biology software to create pathway databases for organisms with sequenced genomes. Hundreds of pathway databases within our collection facilitate gene expression and metabolomics data analysis, and speed development of metabolic flux models.

Ideation Workshops

Coming up with Big Ideas is easy. Turning Big Ideas into concrete reality is where SRI Ideation Workshops come in. Over a concentrated period of time, our Ideation Workshops help you develop clear roadmaps to take your most ambitious, most meaningful projects from initial proof of concept to market.

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