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Cybersecurity Solutions

Protect vital networks with technologies born from our R&D breakthroughs.

You’ve never depended more on the reliability and security of your information systems. Meanwhile, cyberattacks are more sophisticated, prolific and malicious than ever before. Our solutions help you protect critical information infrastructure against cyberattacks, malware and other emerging computer security threats.

Our teams of cutting-edge researchers help you accelerate cybersecurity solutions to stay one step ahead of attackers. Core areas of research include:

  • Trusted systems
  • Formal methods
  • Data analytics
  • Automated reasoning
  • Anonymity
  • Software-defined networks
  • Cyberphysical systems
  • Gamification

Featured Cybersecurity Solutions

We offer numerous technologies for license that can be combined and applied across a broad range of technical fields and industries. Following is just a small sample of how companies have licensed our cybersecurity technologies. Contact us through the form below to learn about strategic licensing opportunities.


BLADE: Secure Defense for Network Browsers

The mere act of connecting to a network has become the largest source of computer infection. Block All Drive-by Download Exploits (BLADE) blocks even unknown, zero-day attacks without interfering in normal browser operations.


BotHunter® Malware Infection Diagnosis System

SRI’s BotHunter system takes a unique approach to discerning networked computers that are under control of hackers, or may be spreading malware infections. BotHunter is available for free license.


Highly Predictive Blacklisting

Our Highly Predictive Blacklisting (HPB) software analyzes millions of entries from worldwide volunteers participating in a firewall correlation system, then uses them to analyze attack trends.


Eureka Malware Analysis Internet Service

Security administrators and analysts are challenged to spot the cyber-footprints of an attack attempt. Eureka is a free online service that rapidly evaluates suspected malware and determines which leads to follow and which are dead ends.

Ideation Workshops

Coming up with Big Ideas is easy. Turning Big Ideas into concrete reality is where SRI Ideation Workshops come in. Over a concentrated period of time, our Ideation Workshops help you develop clear roadmaps to take your most ambitious, most meaningful projects from initial proof of concept to market.

Find out more about SRI's proven, disciplined approach to innovation.

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