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Robotics and Automation

We invent, apply and commercialize the products that help you harness the visionary promise of robotics.

SRI researchers have a long, rich tradition of pushing the boundaries of robotics and now, automation. Our robotic manipulation and automation technologies allow humans to extend and leverage their capabilities by using robots in dangerous, repetitive or other unusual environments.

Our cross-disciplinary teams create the components, software and systems that are spearheading the robot revolution. SRI’s pioneering developments in robotics have evolved into a comprehensive program that spans multiple disciplines and features expertise in artificial intelligence, algorithm development, sensors research, and product development. Core areas of focus include:

  • Manipulation
  • Mobility
  • Actuators
  • Automation systems
  • Machine learning
  • Perception
  • SLAM
  • Micro-robots
  • Electro-active materials

Featured Robotics and Automation Solutions

We offer numerous technologies for license that can be combined and applied across a broad range of technical fields and industries. Following is just a small sample of how companies have licensed our robotics and automation platforms. Contact us through the form below to learn about strategic licensing opportunities.


M7 Surgical Robot

SRI’s telerobotic surgical system expands the reach of surgical intervention by enhancing the precision of minimally invasive procedures and enabling surgeons to operate from afar.


PROXI™ Hand-H3 Underactuated Robotic Manipulator

The PROXI Hand-H3 underactuated robotic manipulator provides industry-leading force and position control with a payload of up to 100 kilograms.


Highly Predictive Blacklisting

Our Highly Predictive Blacklisting (HPB) software analyzes millions of entries from worldwide volunteers participating in a firewall correlation system, then uses them to analyze attack trends.


Taurus Dexterous Robot

The remotely operated Taurus bomb disposal robot provides bomb squad operators fine motor control in a compact frame to defuse devices and remove hazardous materials.

Ideation Workshops

Coming up with Big Ideas is easy. Turning Big Ideas into concrete reality is where SRI Ideation Workshops come in. Over a concentrated period of time, our Ideation Workshops help you develop clear roadmaps to take your most ambitious, most meaningful projects from initial proof of concept to market.

Find out more about SRI's proven, disciplined approach to innovation.

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