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Video Processing

Get clear, actionable information for faster data-to-decision time.

SRI’s field-tested video processing solutions clarify, enhance and disseminate video in real time. Our high-performance systems maximize video usability so you can quickly extract the information you need from full-motion surveillance.

Built on decades of image processing expertise, our multi-domain information processing technologies deliver clear, reliable information enabling timely, accurate decision making. Clients depend on our technologies for a variety of applications ranging from military surveillance and law enforcement to robotics and unmanned vehicles. Fielded capabilities and features include:

  • Real-time fusion of disparate information
  • Advanced video exploitation, custom algorithms and analytics, and high bit depth compression techniques
  • 3D visualization from multi-platform video sources
  • Ability to ingest multiple live video streams from ground/air sensors and geo-register providing real time video in context; NGA-certified targeting  
  • integration on (16) airborne and (15) force protection ground systems; modular open systems architecture for quick integration of new capabilities

Featured Video Processing Solutions

We help clients deploy and combine our video processing solutions across a broad range of applications. Backed by strong systems engineering and integration teams, we also create custom solutions in a fraction of the time it usually takes to get from lab to field. Contact us through the form below to learn more.



Acadia Real-Time Video Processors

Acadia® real-time video processors optimize the value of new and existing camera systems with features including video stabilization, contrast enhancement, and encoding.


TerraSight Full-Motion Video (FMV) Processing

Deployed by all U.S. military branches, the TerraSight® full motion video processing suite enables users to extract maximum value from air and ground video surveillance by leveraging advance image processing resulting in a common 3D operating picture.