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Clients & Partners

SRI is an experienced contractor and innovation partner.

In the last decade alone, we have conducted more than $4 billion of sponsored R&D for government agencies and corporate clients.

SRI works with clients and partners across the globe to develop groundbreaking innovations and bring them to life. As one of the few organizations in the world that can pull together world-class experts in multiple fields to work on a single issue, we constantly collaborate with leading academics, companies and non-profits – whomever is the best in their business to move innovation forward.

On the government side, we are a seasoned contractor that provides streamlined business processes and multiple procurement choices. We have worked with some of our government clients, such as the National Institutes of Health and DARPA, for more than 50 years. To get projects under way quickly, we offer government clients several options for contract vehicles.

On the corporate and non-profit side, we work with the full range of organizations from established corporations to start-ups. Our clients have the opportunity to leverage billions of dollars of government-funded research. We’ve worked with clients to launch ventures and license hundreds of SRI patents. Companies also outsource R&D to us, minimizing investment in staff and infrastructure.

Our innovation best practices reduce risk and enhance project success, and we work to protect our partners’ proprietary interests. We work with clients including:

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Invent, innovate, and impact the big picture. Join SRI and make your mark on the world by developing new solutions to important problems.

Timeline of Innovation

From color TV and Siri to cancer-fighting breakthroughs, SRI has been creating life-changing innovations for seven decades.

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