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Delivering Therapeutics to Intracellular Targets

SRI’s New Drug Delivery Platform Unlocks Therapeutic Targets Previously Considered “Undruggable.”

For years, development of large-molecule biotherapeutics to treat cancer and other diseases has been thwarted by cellular barriers that prevent drug delivery to targets inside cells. As a result, antibodies and other large therapeutics have been restricted to targeting extracellular molecules and cell-surface receptors, limiting their utility and effectiveness – and increasing the likelihood of off-target toxicity.

SRI researchers have developed a new drug-delivery platform that enables therapeutics to permeate cellular barriers and reach cell-specific, intracellular targets previously considered “undruggable.” The FOX Three Molecular Guidance System™ (MGS) uses proprietary technology to identify unique protein domains that can precisely deliver macromolecular and biologic “payloads” to select cell types and subcellular locations within those target cells where they can exert their therapeutic effect, while sparing non-targeted cells.

The SRI research team has demonstrated that the FOX Three MGS can deliver more than a dozen different types of functional cargo, including peptides, proteins, antibodies, nucleic acids and polymeric drugs, to targeted, intracellular molecular locations. These include an anti-RAS antibody that blocks the RAS-Raf protein-protein interaction with demonstrated tumor reduction.

SRI Biosciences currently has a library of more than 30 characterized MGS’s targeted to a range of cell types including multiple solid tumor targets, lymphoma, dendritic cells, and cardiomyocytes.  Researchers are actively working to identify new MGS’s targeted to cells and subcellular locations of interest.

The FOX Three MGS opens a significant new frontier in medicine, enabling development of new therapeutic classes that target a wide range of diseases.

Partner and out-license opportunities are now available with FOX Three e MGS, to deliver solutions for previously undruggable targets.