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two girls examining a rock with a magnifying glass in classroom

Evaluation of BaySci: A Partnership for Bay Area Science Education

SRI served as the external evaluator for a program that aims to increase the likelihood that K-12 students in the San Francisco Bay Area experience high-quality science instruction aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards and the Common Core.

The Bay Area Partnership for Science Education (BaySci), is a coordinated effort to systematically enhance the quantity and quality of K-12 science teaching and learning in districts and schools across the Bay Area. BaySci is led by the Lawrence Hall of Science, the Exploratorium, and Inverness Research. BaySci works to bring about improvements to the quality and quantity of science instruction in participating classrooms and districts with classroom teachers, science curriculum and resource leads at schools and districts, administrators, and the staff of local Science Rich Educational Institutions.

SRI Education served as external summative evaluator for BaySci, studying two academic years of BaySci programming (2012/13 and 2013/14). SRI examined the degree to which BaySci programming strategically supported its intended mission and produced key outcomes for participating districts, teachers, and Science-Rich Educational Institutions (SREIs). We explored the outcomes related to the BaySci goal of establishing networked communities of practice that systematically enhance science teaching and leadership for science instruction in the Bay Area and that can be sustained beyond the life of the project.

SRI submitted its final report in August 2014.