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Evaluation of the LPLC Early Literacy Pay for Success Project

SRI worked with the Sorenson Impact Center and the nonprofit organization Social Finance to design a rigorous evaluation for the Lee Pesky Learning Center (LPLC) Pay for Success (PFS) project in Idaho.

SRI partnered with the Sorenson Impact Center, the nonprofit organization Social Finance, and the Lee Pesky Learning Center (LPLC) to design a Pay for Success (PFS) evaluation of LPLC’s Idaho Early Literacy Project, which is intended to improve student literacy. SRI was a consultant on data access and evaluation design, which entailed identifying and assessing the availability and quality of necessary data, developing data-sharing agreements and making data access recommendations, and developing an evaluation design for use in the planned PFS expansion of the LPLC intervention. The LPLC intervention will provide training in early literacy to preschool through grade 2 teachers in approximately 35 Title I schools in Idaho. The quasi-experimental evaluation SRI designed uses the state’s standardized reading and literacy assessments to measure the impact of the intervention on literacy and reading outcomes against a matched control group of students. SRI will begin conducting the evaluation in 2019.

Principal Investigator: Donna Spiker

Co-Principal Investigator: Wei-Bing Chen