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Open Language Interface for Voice Exploitation (OLIVE)

Novel speech processing technology leverages AI algorithms to enable speech activity detection in high levels of noise and distortion.

SRI is developing the Open Language Interface for Voice Exploitation (OLIVE) speech processing system to achieve robustness to high levels of noise and distortion in real world data. AI algorithms underlying OLIVE enables the technology to:

  • Detect the presence of speech, not just an open channel (speech activity detection);
  • Find and/or track speakers of interest (speaker identification);
  • Detect languages and dialects from a set of languages of interest (language and dialect identification); and
  • Detect specific keywords and phrases (keyword spotting).

Graphical user interfaces in OLIVE enable close editing of audio files, enrollment of new speakers, scoring of segments, speech activity segmentation, and semi-supervised speaker diarization (identification of an individual person based on voice qualities).

Initially developed under the DARPA Robust Automatic Transcription of Speech (RATS) program, OLIVE is designed for easy integration into end user applications. Additionally, the technology is under continuous development and refinement based on user feedback.